Sister Travel

Sister Travel

  • Type: RPG
  • Genre: Harem, Incest, Fantasy, Combat, Male Protagonist
  • Original title: Sister Travel
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Uncensored
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 595.mb
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A Dungeon Crawling-Choose Your Own Adventure-type RPG is here!

A heart-pounding thrill ride that you’ll never forget!

Treasures hidden away inside ancient ruins.
Nail-biting battles against monsters.
Yearning for a land unseen.

An adventurer. And his sister-like companions.

Enjoy this adventure filled with romance and epic fight scenes!

Experience this masterful blend of action and romance brought to you in native English!

– A Dungeon-Crawling-Choose Your Own Adventure-type RPG
– An Elaborate, Hand-drawn World Map
– A Large Ensemble Cast of Characters
– Tons of Fight Scenes

6.80 (30) 12345678910
Comments to “Sister Travel”
  1. anon

    actually a decent rpg with enticing story characters (developments) and mechanics. for a h-game, as far as the h-scenes and its fetish(s) goes? not so much.
    quality timekiller for not beating your meat, which is the main purpose people download h-games, so i can see the why the low rating

  2. Lolipolice

    haven’t found good JRPG game for a long time so this is very much appreciated, despite some minor flaws. of course definition of “good” differs for everyone so you gotta try it yourself, after all it’s free to download. my personal review:
    + quite challenging game system forces you to think, unlike most rpg which only focus on h-scenes
    – it’s not quite clear how to progress the story / unlock h-scenes / what does certain stat like SAT mean? sometimes you have to sleep multiple days just to get certain girl take a bath / unlock a randomly triggered h-scenes. well at the worst case some googling always help

  3. Kevin

    I thought it was great. Short and sweet.
    All done by one person I think? As shown in the credits: the art, map art, story
    Doesn’t have to be grindy btw. You can progress with the story every day in game

    • Kevin

      Edit: Went back and checked. Not all done by one person. The art, map art and story was tho

  4. Inkramat

    what is Password ? Please

  5. kur01su2um3

    Maybe it’s not perfect, I’ll admit that. But this is by far the best H-game I’ve played. It made me realize that you can make actual H-games that are good games on top of having good sexual content. It’s got some good writing, unique systems and style, and lovable characters. It was also unexpectedly long, taking me about 12-15 hours to clear. I don’t regret spending the time on it at all.

  6. eagle

    so…a lolicon game for pedos and loli lovers…thats depressing.

    • Rei

      It’s only a game. It’s not real. So pedophilia does not count on this one. But lolicons do but it’s not real so it does not matter.

  7. icewitch218

    Defeating the hardest bosses net nothing, the winged serpent however will give a special bad ending, it just text about how killing it caused the world to end tho.

    • Gren

      You already defeat that librarian spirit/monster? I’ve never defeat her, so Im just stuck in that mission. For now just grinding monster what I got from fishing

  8. Ragnarok

    Everyday is the same, grinding chibi battles, and sleeping. Nothing ever happens?

    • Jello4433

      This game deserves more than a 6 rating you just haven’t played the game long enough there is more story than grinding and a lot of characters it’s great!!!!

      • Ragnarok

        All I can do is the same stupid quest once per day then sleep. This is not a good game. How long must I repeat this tedium until something happens? I got the first monster girl and Medina, but literally nothing has happened for days. It’s so boring.

      • Jello4433

        Go look up the guide for the game ur probably stuck im not certain but you have to go to a cave and fight off seals after in sunny forest :)

      • Jello4433

        Should be the very bottom right corner of the map

      • Jello4433

        I mean bottom left opps

  9. Gren

    loved this, before I got this I’ve nothing to play any mature jrpg but just waiting their sequel english version.. So this helped me a lot

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