Reign of the Succubus

Reign of the Succubus

  • Type: RPG
  • Tags: Big Tits, Fantasy, Rape, Milf, Femdom, Shota
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Uncensored
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 306.mb
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The Island of Eden is an unexplored legendary island… A ship carrying men unknowingly sails towards the island. However, the ship is wrecked and the protagonist finds himself on the Island of Eden. As it turns out, the island is actually ruled by succubi! What will happen next for our protagonist? Find out in this RPG brought to you in native English!


-Easier and Harder difficulties for those who want to just enjoy the story or are looking for a challenge.
-Survival System
-Friend System
-Day and Night System

8.18 (17) 12345678910
Comments to “Reign of the Succubus”
  1. nobo

    This is a pretty strange game, when you think about it. For a game ostensibly about succubi, the sex scenes are way too short to really matter. On the other hand, it’s a solid survival game (albeit an easy one to break and exploit). That said, the only reward the game seems to offer the player for their survival efforts is…better survival equipment, and more ultra short sex scenes. Hmm…

  2. laso

    how do you level up?

    • nobo

      As far as I can tell, you don’t level up exactly. The game just shows a player level because that’s part of the engine they made it in. Instead, you increase your stats individually by use of consumable items (for max hp and charm) and equipment (for combat stats).

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