Mega Milk Story (Tales of Boinboin)

Mega Milk Story

  • Type: RPG
  • Genre: Fantasy, Pregnant, Milking, Dark Skin, Big tits, Gangbang, Combat
  • Original title: ??????
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Uncensored
  • Platforms: Windows
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Through cuddles, headpats, and exercise, help Hanako produce lots of delicious milk to use for healing in battle… or to sell on the open market for huge profit! With the unique dual protagonist system, play as George the rancher and build up your ranch, or hand control over to Erin the female mercenary to explore challenging dungeons and difficult bosses. But be careful: the dungeons are full of dangerous creatures out to get her!

You start the game drowning in debt, a disgraced noble in a world of aristocracy and privilege. Will you charm your way back into the upper class? Will your heart reach out to those who struggle to even survive? Or will you disregard this all, and become a titan of industry by creating through competitions and training the most famous and capable Chichi ever?

Although Chichi appear human-like, they are primarily kept for their milk production. Chichi owners can, for a fee, compete on a national level at Chichi Competitions. There, they send their Chichi to compete in beauty, skill, and talent. Those who do well are rewarded with prizes and fame. But more important than prizes is rank. A higher rank is a great honor for a Chichi trainer, and the highest ranked Chichi can produce the ultra valuable Mega Milk.

8.43 (14) 12345678910

1. Extract the archive
2. Run SSELauncher.exe and click on "Mega Milk Story"

Comments to “Mega Milk Story”
  1. Ele

    Can you please re-upload this.

  2. Cloud Strife

    Can you please reuploed the Game ?

  3. Elias

    crashes :/

  4. Wooz


  5. A Different Me

    it also crashes after the first RPG segment when you talk to the purple haired girl

  6. Me

    it crashes after you complete the student days

    • Me

      it also crashes in the begging just after you learn how to train your chichi

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