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Marina’s Cuckolding Report

  • Type: Visual Novel
  • Genre: Netorase, Cheating, Married, Voyeurism
  • Original title: Kashidashi Tsuma, Marina no "Netorase"
  • Length: 2 - 10 hours
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Uncensored
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 410.mb
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Azuma Kenji is a married man with a wife and child. One day, he reads someone’s online account of their wife sleeping with another man, and it intrigues him.

What kind of sex would his wife, Marina, have with other men?

He decides that wants her to sleep with another man. Just once would be fine. At first, Marina refuses Kenji’s request, but she finally caves in to his enthusiasm and agrees do it JUST ONCE.

She chooses to “loan herself” to Hiroto, a college student a decade her junior. Hiroto’s the type of guy who triggers her maternal instinct. He has a habit of blowing his load quickly, but he’s proud of the fact that he can easily rebound and go multiple rounds.

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Comments to “Marina’s Cuckolding Report”
  1. Noah Walter

    the graphics are good but the storyline … piss the hell out of me and after i trash the game i just wish that the dev would choke to death for making this sick ,trashy,bullfucking shit game…
    Now i just feel sorry for him

    • NTR fan

      well said <3

  2. Noah Walter

    i don’t like this game at all
    i tried it and found it massively dissapointing and infuriating to a point that i trash the game and never want to download a game like this

  3. mauicj444

    men….matured voiced would have been better :( btw i like voice whose hard to break XD

  4. sharpeningrod

    Tip to everyone who doesn’t like NTR:
    =Finish the game by skipping everything, only pick the upper choices.
    =Go to Extras, Scene Gallery, and start reading everything from Page 3
    =Self-insert yourself as Hiroto while fapping.

    Don’t break your dick from fapping too hard. I almost did. This shit is hot as fuck.

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