Hot & Bothered Sister Celyn [RPG] [English]

Hot & Bothered Sister Celyn

  • Type: RPG
  • Genre: Prostitution, Female Protagonist, Bukkake, Gangbang
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Mosaic
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 332.mb

Before launching set your locale to Japanese!

Guide (Windows 10)
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Celyn runs a smalltown church in the name of her goddess, Celity. However, Celity is a minor deity with no followers.

Nobody comes to Celyn’s church, and the poor nun is starving. Perhaps it’s time to proselytize in a more effective way? Celyn starts by hearing the confessions of her community and secretly solving their troubles. For that, at nighttime, she uses her holy gifts but ditches her robes and cornette.

To do a lot of good, sometimes you gotta be a little bad…


Classic turn-based battles
A main quest with multiple endings
Armor breakage system
Outfit options (3 kinds)
H scenes in the name of faith…
Lewdness meter and consequences

7.09 (11) 12345678910
Comments to “Hot & Bothered Sister Celyn”
  1. Petro

    man, can you upload the new version (Oct/16/2018) that fixes the bugs?

  2. BIG Howizer

    Oh please, don’t even put the language “English” when more then half of it is still not translated!

  3. Glaugan

    There seems to be a bug with the undressing skill as it appears as a blank skill whereas in the japanese version you can do it without any problems.

  4. jasterx17

    so I got her to 20% lewd status, and games says I can strip her in the skill area, but nothing is there.. so what is going on is this another bug?

  5. JustPeopleWhoLoveRPGHgames

    more rpg game please

  6. Bud

    After a few weeks now, could this game at least be fixed so it will run without installing a bunch of other crap or changing your language settings. (Which oddly, don’t work for me.)

    As my wife is Catholic and this game would truly annoy her, is there a place where I could buy the game even if it would work right?

  7. Bud

    I was curious of buying this game as I know of an old friend who became a nun…sure I had a crush on her but that was over a decade ago and I had an ‘idea’ of her at one time. However after so much as trying the game before I found where to buy it, I can’t get so much as beyond the person who stops at your house to talk to you.

    How do you get even beyond that point. I have yet to see a battle or what the overworld looks like, just the church and you changing.

    So with that being said, how can I fix the game or is it broken? If I do what I did want to do and both find and buy the version, does that version work while this one does not. Thanks in advance.

    • Bud

      I didn’t want to give up on the game so I went to various different websites to try to download from them as well, I changed everything on my PC to Japanese even knowing I don’t speak it and the game breaks at the very start.

      Unless someone could show me proof that the game work, I consider this game broken and I won’t buy it and I won’t buy future games from the publisher….what a piece of utter garbage.

  8. Sind

    Hi. unable to find : audio /SE07. Game crashes :(

  9. Ars

    thanks for the game and can i request Tiina, Swordswoman of Scarlet Prison

  10. HentaiGamer

    thanks but, the quest not translated yet, and can i request pirate queen malena?

  11. aradne

    Quest is still not translated, still hard for play game

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