Torture Simulation Imprison Receives an English Release

30th March, 2017 436084

Alibi+ has released an English version of their torture simulation game, Imprison. Enact your revenge on three innocent girls, and turn them into your sex slaves.

Have you ever been fired from your job, dumped by your girlfriend, and just want to take revenge on the world? Well that’s the story of the protagonist in Imprison. He has had a bad day, and now the world is going to pay, or more specifically, the random girls he kidnaps are going to pay. Players get to use pills, needles, and all sorts of kinky sex toys to tease and torture these girls into sexual submission.


In Imprison you torture various lovely ladies in an effort to break their will and get them to submit to your darkest desires. It’s like most any torture simulator. You have to balance between breaking the wills of the girls and keeping them in good health. The further you break them down, the more sexual options open. Imprisonhas over 70 animated H-scenes to satisfy. Additionally, each of the girls can also be stripped down to various stages of dress.


You can try Imprison for the PC with the available demo. It will let you access the first level of torture, groping, and sex scenes with a single girl. If you enjoy it, you can snag the full game from DLsite for ?1,404 JPY (around $12.60 USD). Credit: LewdGamer