Ritaania no Seirei Tsukai -Meikyuu o Yuku Mono-

The Spirit Master of Retarnia ~Conqueror of the Labyrinth~

  • Type: RPG
  • Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Tentacles, Combat
  • Original title: リターニアの精霊使い
  • Length: 10 - 30 hours
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Uncensored
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 833.mb
/ Games / The Spirit Master of Retarnia ~Conqueror of the Labyrinth~

The stage for this tale is the Ritaania Kingdom, a kingdom that has enjoyed continuous peace for 500 long years.

One day, a portal which linked Ritaania to the demon world wherein dwelled vile monsters appeared.

If the portal was left unchecked, monsters would invade Ritaania and the kingdom would be destroyed.

However, a similar portal appeared 500 years earlier and a certain hero came to the rescue of the beleaguered kingdom.

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Comments to “The Spirit Master of Retarnia ~Conqueror of the Labyrinth~”
  1. Zhari

    so many tentacle scene’s X3

  2. Hesaidwut

    the gameplay is pretty similar to sakura dungeon, EXCEPT, the fact that u have 5 girls, and u cant unlock all their h in one go.

    After u got a girl relationship status to lvl 4, no one else can get it, so u can either replay the entire thing, or u can have separate save for each route

    on the plus side, U Dun Have To Kill Urself To Get A H Scene

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