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Super Time Tenshi Hits Steam Greenlight

16th March, 2017 473683

After a few teases on Facebook, Silver Cow Studios has officially launched the Steam Greenlight page for Super Time Tenshi. This game will be a change for the Time Tenshi series, as it brings action-based gameplay to the standard visual novel format.

The developers of the Time Tenshi series, Silver Cow Studios, have been teasing a new game on their Facebook page. Just the other day, they revealed the secret project in the form of a Steam Greenlight page. This new addition to their time traveling visual novel series is none other than Super Time Tenshi.


As mentioned above, the Time Tenshi series is known for being a series of visual novels featuring time travel and girls with extremely large breasts. This new series entry, Super Time Tenshi, mixes action into the visual novel formula and will be available for PC and Mac. The game appears to be akin to a beat-em-up or brawler, but the trailer doesn’t show enough gameplay to be certain, and the Greenlight page describes it as a “platformer” and a “side-scrolling action game.” Super Time Tenshi is described as follows:

Side-scrolling action meets visual novel…

… as you face the greatest-ever threat to time!

Join Rose, Kyo and the Time Tenshi in an exciting blend of 2D platformer and visual novel as you fight to stop mankind’s first functioning time machine from falling into the wrong hands!

With time itself at stake, Rose, Kyo and Tessa – the game’s three playable characters – will battle waves of enemies from shadowy organisations, visit and explore locations from both ancient history and the present day, and (of course) take on memorable bosses from the Time Tenshi series in challenging encounters!

It’s all down to the Time Tenshi to prevent chronal catastrophe!

The fate of history rests in your hands!


Feel free to check out the Greenlight page for yourself. Credit: LewdGamer

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