Studio FOW Has Released Legend of Zelda Parody Royal Treatment

2nd April, 2017 384325

Studio FOW has released a Legend of Zelda porn parody, Royal Treatment. Watch as Princess Zelda and Sorceress Cia share Link’s cock in this 11-minute animated sequence.

As long as there is still good in this world, Studio FOW will continue making porn parodies in Source Filmmaker. Last night, they released their latest project, featuring Link and two of Hyrule’s best magical girls. This is certainly way more vanilla than your average Studio FOW Project, as it only focuses on a battle of blowjobs between two bickering beauties, but Royal Treatment is still worth a watch.


The premise for this video is pretty straightforward. An unconscious Link wakes up to see two Hyrule cuties fighting over which one gets to tend to him. It’s probably the best problem to have. Their bickering tickles Link in a special way, and things only get lewder from there. Princess Zelda and Sorceress Cia pass Link’s man meat back and forth as they lick it, suck it and worship it to gain his approval. After depositing his cum into each of their mouths, he summons up one last load to plaster each of their faces. We have graciously uploaded Royal Treatment so you can watch it right here.


As with the rest of their work, Studio FOW plans to upload Royal Treatment to PornHub and Xvideos. If you’d like to get the high definition version right now, there is an official torrent available. More from Studio FOW can be found on their website. Source.

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