Seeds of Chaos Version 0.2.13 Has Been Released

9th April, 2017 424778

Seeds of Chaos 0.2.13 has been released to the public. Players can expect more sex scenes, among other overall improvements.

Seeds of Chaos developer, V?nus Noire, has released a new public build (version 0.2.13). The release notes mentions additional sex scenes and game events, in addition to grammatical corrections and some other art additions. Read on for a full overview of the additional content.


Release Notes

– Turn count upped to 22

– The second goal (capture Raeve Keep by week 22) can now be completed (or failed)

– First society decision added – influence the twins and shape life at Castle Bloodmeen

– Almost 20 new events, bringing the total ingame count to over 100

– Six new sex scenes

– Courtyard and keep exterior backgrounds have been added to Raeve Keep (interior to follow)

– Knight sprite has been added to Raeve Keep scenes

– Two out of three (plus variants) cgs have been added to the X’zaratl x Rowan x Alexia scene

– Numerous typo / wrong tense / conflicting text mistakes have been fixed

– A number of castle room features have been added to in game menus, with the rest to follow

– Orc morale cost has been greatly reduced

You can grab the latest version of Seeds of Chaos from V?nus Noire’s website for Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. If you’re interested in keeping closer tabs on the game’s development, or want to participate in polls, you can visit the Seeds of Chaos Patreon page. Source.

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