Rexx Released a Sexy Warcraft Animation

6th March, 2017 420367

Adult animator Rexx has released a nearly 30 minute-long animation featuring World of Warcraft characters. This erotic creation is titled The Last Night.

Like many others, Rexx is an animator who earns a living by making adult animations using video game characters. Rather than making videos that feature trending characters, like those from Overwatch or Dead or Alive, Rexx sticks to characters you might see in World of Warcraft.

The Last Night - blowjob

In his most recent video, The Last Night, Rexx animates the erotic antics of a sexy elf woman, commander Lakuu, and a massive orc, commander Grokale. Grokale sneaks into Lakuu’s room to ask for a favor, but Lakuu has a request of her own. From there, the audience is greeted with over twenty minutes of hardcore sex. It’s a very long animation for this type and features various sexual acts. If you want to see this sexy elf get down and dirty with some titfucking, anal, and classic cowgirl sex, then stop reading and start watching just down below.

Rexx has made The Last Night available on many platforms. You can watch it at this link, as well as on PornHub. If you want to download the movie for safe keeping, he even uploaded a copy to Mega and his archive.

Rexx has made several other animations of this style, which can be found on his website. In addition to his website, you can find more of Rexx’s work on his Tumblr and Patreon. Supporters of his Patreon receive some additional perks, including participation in webisode polls and 1080p versions of his videos. Credit: LewdGamer

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