Perverted Detective Game on Steam Greenlight

31st March, 2017 421451

ODBear Studios has launched a Greenlight page for their perverted detective game, Idol Armageddon.

ODBear Studios has just launched a pervy little project on Steam Greenlight. It’s a little bit of mystery, a little bit of Pok?mon Snap, and a whole lot of lewdness. Enter Idol Armageddon, a game that puts players in the role of an undercover detective who’s trying to investigate a potential infection seemingly caused by a meteor strike. He is sent to a remote area to gather information about Bero Bero Academy. While there, he poses as an idol talent scout and must seduce the girls to uncover the truth of the infection.


  • Investigate Bero Bero Academy to find clues about the infected.
  • Evaluate Idols during interactive sexy auditions with full voice support.
  • Take pictures of Idols and save them on your computer.
  • Unlock Idols, outfits and hairstyles to customize your perfect idol in Free Audition Mode.
  • Solve the mystery and find the source of the infection.

Audition Mode

  • Each Idol starts fully dressed.
  • Use toys (feather, lollipop, hand) on her body to increase her love, her lust or her shame.
  • Depending on your score, you may ask her to use another pose, undress and new toys you can use will be available.
  • Complete specific achievements (make her laugh, tickle her, take off her skirt) to earn “Photo points” and unlock the Idol for the Free Audition Mode.
  • Use the “Photo points” to take close-up pictures of your Idol (without the UI) and save them in your library (and on your computer).


If greenlit, Idol Armageddon will be set to release exclusively on PC. More information about ODBear Studios can be found on their website. If you’re interested in voting for this game, you can do so over on Steam. Credit: LewdGamer

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