Omega Labyrinth Z Introduces New Heroines and Skills

31st March, 2017 417358

D3 Publisher has shared even more new details about their upcoming ecchi dungeon crawler RPG, Omega Labyrinth Z.

D3 Publisher has released new information regarding newly introduced characters, skills, and a new awakening method in Omega Labyrinth Z.

Gaming publication Gematsu has translated all the new details and you can view them yourselves below.


Marika Hikawa (voiced by Yuu Kobayashi)

Height: 167cm
Three-Sizes: B91 (F-cup)-W61-H89
Birthday: February 5

Omega Labyrinth Z Marika

A super high-spec girl who is blessed with talent and comes from a good family. She can do most things perfectly without doing anything, but she has come to admire Mirei, an opponent she could not win against for the first time. She is gifted in both intelligence and beauty, but she is extremely bad with directions and often gets lost in the dungeon…

Mirei Shirogane (voiced by Fumiko Uchimura)

Height: 165cm
Three-Sizes: B88 (E-cup)-W60-H89
Birthday: December 16

Omega Labyrinth Z Mirei

The student council president of Anberyl Girls Academy. She is gifted in both intelligence and beauty, but rather than be blessed with talent, she is a hard worker who built up her talent through repeated discipline. As a child, she was saved by the student council president at the time, and like the one who saved her, aims to become a student council president who can kindly bring everyone together. She becomes tense when she hears that Rio, the problem child, will start attending school after a long period of absence.

Urara Rurikawa (voiced by Yui Ogura)

Height: 143cm
Three-Sizes: B69 (A-cup)-W54-H71
Birthday: August 15

Omega Labyrinth Z Urara

A first-year student at Anberyl Girls Academy who admires Rio. She’s Rio’s only (?) friend. She is a cute and pretty girl that looks almost as if she’s a doll. In addition to her childlike appearance, her speech and behavior are also childish, so she is often mistaken for an elementary school student. She’s an extreme masochist who gets her pleasure from being bullied.

Berona (voiced by Shoko Hakugawa)

Height: 10cm
Three-Sizes: ?-?-?
Birthday: ???

Omega Labyrinth Z Berona

Chichi’s pet (female). She ran off somewhere, and is always tongue out and zoned out. A descendant of the Berberus tribe, who are neighbors of relatives of friends of the hell watchdog Cerberus’ second cousin. Even with such an appearance, it is a full-fledged monster. Honey is his favorite food and whenever she finds some, she licks it indiscriminately.

? New Item Makes Item Management More Enjoyable: “Purse”

Omega Labyrinth Z Item Management

Omega Labyrinth Z introduces new “Purse” items for times when you pick up and can no longer hold items in the dungeon. There are various types of Purses with different effects. The “Storage Purse” lets you freely deposit and withdraw a certain number of items. The “Locker Purse” lets you transfer items to your base locker. The “Omega Purse” Lets you convert your items into Omega Power.

There are still plenty of new elements in this roguelike. That older sister appears in the dungeon!? Don’t miss it!

? New Awakening: “Tongue in Agony Awakening”

Omega Labyrinth Z Awakening

The fairy Chichi’s pet Berona’s favorite food is honey and whenever she finds some, she licks it indiscriminately. At these times, Berona’s tongue technique is superb, and when she saw this, Chichi came up with the idea of a new awakening, turning “Fainting Awakening” into “Tongue in Agony Awakening.”

Just like “Fainting Awakening,” “Tongue in Agony Awakening” uses Fainting Aroma. During these awakenings, Berona will lick the honey spilled down the girl in delusion, and her mood will gradually rise thanks to the dog’s skillful tongue technique. When her level of excitement reaches a certain level, she’ll enter a “Shyness Break”. The higher the level of excitement the girl gets, the higher the stat increases and skill acquisition experience points. Enjoy different reactions from the awakenings we’ve seen so far!

? Learn Skills and Special Moves

Omega Labyrinth Z Special Moves

“Fainting Awakening” and “Tongue in Agony Awakening” are not just about enjoying the girls’ shyness! The characters that go through these awakenings can also acquire skills that improve their initial stats and special moves that are useful in battle. The skills and special moves that can be acquired are different for each character, but they’re useful to take on the dungeon either way. Strengthen your characters to take on the difficult to clear dungeon!

? An Introduction to Some Skills

Guilty Slash (Rio Akanezaki)

Omega Labyrinth Z Guilty Slash

Damages and blows back enemies in the surrounding eight squares with a huge sickle, and curses enemies to guarantee they die after a number of turns.

Omega Impact (Aina Akemiya)

Omega Labyrinth Z Omega Impact

Deals a great amount of damage to all of the monsters in the room regardless of their defense power.

Urara Isn’t Here (Urara Rurikawa)

Omega Labyrinth Z Urara Isn’t Here

Summons a giant teddy bear and damages monsters in the surrounding eight squares. For a number of turns after the attack, Urara becomes transparent and is not attacked by monsters.

Massive Afterimage (Marika Hikawa)

Omega Labyrinth Z Massive Afterimage

A technique to confuse enemies by moving at high speed while Omega Power is consumed. For a fixed turn, Marika’s evasion rate increases and she moves at double speed.

As was mentioned before, Omega Labyrinth Z is scheduled to be released on July 6th in Japan for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. There is sadly no word of a Western release planned for the title. Credit: LewdGamer

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