Nutaku Will Soon Be Launching Erotic Strategy Game Mononofu

12th April, 2017 422724

Nutaku has just released information on an upcoming free-to-play hentai title, Mononofu. Expect a lot of strategic and sexy gameplay in this turn based strategy game.

Nutaku has launched a “coming soon” page for Mononofu: Battle Princess of White Lily, a new addition to their F2P lineup. This game takes players back to the Sengoku era in ancient Japanese history. Players can build an army of over 200 different female samurai that will help in defeating the evil warlords and saving Japan from chaos.


Mononofu is a turn-based strategy game that allows players to experience historical battles and characters as they work to save Japan, all while building the affection levels of their alluring army members, ensuring lots of samurai sex. The game will have PvP and co-operative modes, as well as city building, dungeons and much more.

* A turn-based strategy game
– Build and upgrade your city. Crush your enemies with unique tactics.
– Grow your army of lovely female samurais.
– More than 200 samurais at your command!

*PvP and Co-Operative play
– Clear special dungeons to gain access to new content and power-ups
– Various PvP modes and raid boss modes, ready for you to challenge!

*Strategic Gameplay
– Each character has Unit Types that has its own ability.
– To win a battle, you will need to consider the right Unit Type, or position your characters strategically.

*Stunning hentai-scene drawn by famous illustrators
– Hentai-scenes unlocked when Affection Levels reached maximum.
– Full CV performance
– Higher level hentai events are available with samurais of SR rarity and above.

Since several F2P games on Nutaku’s service have recently come to an end, this is probably the first of many to take their place. Mononofu will be available soon for Windows and Mac platforms. You can find out more about Mononofu on Nutaku’s website. Credit: LewdGamer

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