Nutaku Announces Several F2P Game Closures

5th April, 2017 425835

Adult game platform Nutaku has announced several of their F2P titles will be closing over the course of the next few months.

Nutaku announced today (via a blog post) that several of their free-to-play title titles will be closed down in the coming months, both on their adult and all-ages storefronts. While the games listed for closure will be kept open for a while longer, all Nutaku gold transactions have been closed down in the affected titles prior to the servers closing down. The list of affected games are:


  • Kanpani Girls
  • Shooting Girls
  • Quiz of Valkyrie
  • Angelic Saga
  • Hitsuji Chronicle
  • Omega Zodiac (already discontinued)
  • DDTank 3
  • Hellfire Girls
  • Girls Kingdom
  • X-overd

The server closure dates vary by title. Angelic Saga, Girls Kingdom and Hitsuji Chronicles will close April 28th. Kanpani Girls, Shooting Girls, and X-overd will close June 30th. Omega Zodiac and DDTank 3 have already been discontinued. Hellfire Girls and Quiz of Valkyrie‘s closing dates are unknown at this time, although they will more than likely be discontinued either in April or June along with the other titles. All of these titles, with the exception of Omega Zodiac, are currently ran by the publisher SuperHippo.

In the blog post, Nutaku stated that the decision to close down the games was decided by the publisher, and so they did not give an exact reason for their closure. They did state that several factors go into the decision to shutter a games server, citing things such as the games not bringing in enough revenue to cover upkeep costs, declining userbases and the reallocation of developer resources to other titles.

For the players of the affected games, the developer SuperHippo will be offering compensation if they decide to move to one of their other titles that will continue operating. Below are the details on this:

As a compensation, if you decide to move to one of the following games (Flower Knight Girl, PeroPero, Sengoku Providence or Osawari Island) you will receive gifts in game.

Here’s how you can get the gifts:

  • Go to the preferred game from the above mentioned title list.
  • Finish the tutorial.
  • Open a support ticket for the specific game stating that you come from Hitsuji and you wish to receive the gift in the desired game.
  • You will receive the gift directly in your inbox.

Rewards list per game:

  • Flower Knight – 5 Flower Gems.
  • PeroPero – SR Ticket + 1x Card Reveal.
  • Osawari Island – HR -> SL Christmas Ichigo + 5 Stamina Potions.
  • Osawari Mobile – [Sweet Cat] Aya Morioka + 5 Stamina Potions.
  • Sengoku Providence – 40 Magatama.

Important: Rewards and requests will be sent by each game in particular. We apologize for the discomfort created and we hope that you enjoyed our game.

Flower Knight Girls, PeroPero Seduction, Osawari Island, and Sengoku Providence will continue to remain open at this time. Source.

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