Find a Waifu at All Costs in Waifu or Extinction: Save Earth!

16th April, 2017 426572

Find a waifu or everyone dies in Waifu or Extinction: Save Earth!

A new Steam Greenlight page has popped up for a title called Waifu or Extinction: Save Earth! This visual novel puts players in the role of an ordinary dude who has been tasked with the challenge of finding a waifu before the end of the moon cycle. Failure to complete this task results in the total annihilation of the human species. Sounds fair, honestly. A character introduction trailer for Waifu or Extinction: Save Earth! is on the Steam Greenlight page, as well as the following description.



In our daily lives where we struggle to survive we never find time to think of the unknown. Of what may be out there looking, waiting.

But now it’s finally time to explore the unexplored and go after different dreams in different lands. Your journey through these mysteries will have to begin, wish it or not, for times are grim and the Earth depends on you.

Will you be able to find your Waifu?

Or face Extinction?

“I, Supreme Leader Bossu decree through this message that you have to find a Waifu until the end of the current terran moon cycle.

Failure to do so WILL result in the complete annihilation of the human species, for a species that allows such an awful example to roam free and be alive does not deserve to exist”

In this vast and unpredictable universe our hero, well more like our ordinary guy, will have to break the barriers of intergalactical society in order to reorganize the former faulty and obsolete political structures that have already plagued our galaxy for generations as well as find a Waifu or something, I don’t know…I think that’s important too according to the title.

  • Original soundtrack
  • Multiple endings, your choices affect the universe!
  • Visit other planets in distant galaxies
  • Waifus
  • Burritos(?)
  • The mysterious awesome knight that no one has ever heard about!
  • Did i say waifus?

It’s unclear as to whether this title is a dating sim or a straight visual novel, but since it has multiple endings, we can at least expect differing story paths. If you’d like to vote for the title, you can check out the Steam Greenlight page for Waifu or Extinction: Save Earth!. If it succeeds, Desu Vult plans to bring it to Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Credit: LewdGamer

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