Compile Heart Teasing New Entry in Genkai Tokki Series

6th March, 2017 382569

Compile Heart has launched a teaser site, possibly hinting at a new entry in the Genkai Tokkiseries. Details will be unveiled on Sunday, March 12th.

We’ve got another teaser website for you. Recently, Compile Heart had launched a website to tease an upcoming game announcement. Considering the site features a mascot character, Otton, from the Genkai Tokki series, all bets are on the announcement being for a new entry in the series. You might miss the little guy since your focus may be immediately drawn to the bikini clad girl in the back, but he’s standing there declaring, “The winning side takes the undergarments.” The translation of his quote was provided by Gematsu.

Genkai Tokki - otton

The website asks visitors to choose whether they are on team boobs or team butts. The votes are pretty split, with both boobs and butts inching back and forth to either gain, or lose the lead. It’s unclear if the results of this survey will mean anything. Check it out for yourself, and cast a vote by visiting this link.

If you’re not familiar with, the Genkai Tokki series, it’s a series of various RPGs from the Playstation Vita. Titles like Monster Monpiece, Moe Chronicle, Moero Crystal, and Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates are all included. In any case, this mystery game will be announced at Dengeki Game Festival 2017 on March 12th. You can find a schedule for live stream of the event at Gematsu.

Credit: LewdGamer

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