1st June, 2017 392813

Enjoy Bullet Hell and Boobies in Dragonia

anime hentai

Dragonia has just released on Steam, bringing bullet hell gameplay and boobies. Yesterday, a new shooter game snuck its way

8th May, 2017 403614

Complete Hatsukoi 1/1 Fan Translation Patch Released

Translation group Tsurezurescans has released a complete translation patch for Tone Work’s romantic visual novel title Hatsukoi 1/1. Only a couple

8th May, 2017 396617

Studio FOW Releases New Animation Slave of the Balrog

Studio FOW has released a brand new animation for. If you like seeing huge demons ravaging beautiful women with their

1st May, 2017 384558

Sweet Young Bride Now Available For Pre-Order

chick is getting wet

MangaGamer has just opened preorders for an erotic visual novel that focuses on a cute wife with a delicious flat

24th April, 2017 383112

Match 3 Ecchi Game Magic Mirror Now on Steam Greenlight

Independent developer Blue Sky has put Magic Mirror, an ecchi match 3 title, up on Steam Greenlight. Magic Mirror is a simple match

22nd April, 2017 382757

Fan Translation Patch Now Available for Maki Fes!

anime girl pussy

An English fan translation patch has just been released for the parody eroge Maki Fes! If you’re an obsessive fan

16th April, 2017 379372

Find a Waifu at All Costs in Waifu or Extinction: Save Earth!

Find a waifu or everyone dies in Waifu or Extinction: Save Earth! A new Steam Greenlight page has popped up

12th April, 2017 382110

Nutaku Will Soon Be Launching Erotic Strategy Game Mononofu

Nutaku has just released information on an upcoming free-to-play hentai title, Mononofu. Expect a lot of strategic and sexy gameplay

10th April, 2017 377393

Nekopara Volume 3 Premiere Has Been Delayed

NEKO WORKs has announced the official premiere of Nekopara Vol.3 ~Neko-tachi no Aromatise~ will be delayed until May. Catgirl crafters over at

9th April, 2017 383617

Seeds of Chaos Version 0.2.13 Has Been Released

Seeds of Chaos 0.2.13 has been released to the public. Players can expect more sex scenes, among other overall improvements.

6th April, 2017 381937

Sexy Strategy RPG Tactics Elemental Has Been Released on Nutaku

Tactics Elemental has been released on Nutaku, offering strategy RPG enthusiasts a sexy new game to look forward to. Online

5th April, 2017 384462

Nutaku Announces Several F2P Game Closures

Adult game platform Nutaku has announced several of their F2P titles will be closing over the course of the next few

2nd April, 2017 384331

Studio FOW Has Released Legend of Zelda Parody Royal Treatment

Studio FOW has released a Legend of Zelda porn parody, Royal Treatment. Watch as Princess Zelda and Sorceress Cia share

1st April, 2017 376904

MangaGamer Announcements from Anime Boston 2017

MangaGamer has announced three new titles during their panel at Anime Boston 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts. ManaGamer’s newly announced releases include Minori’s newest upcoming

31st March, 2017 376968

Omega Labyrinth Z Introduces New Heroines and Skills

D3 Publisher has shared even more new details about their upcoming ecchi dungeon crawler RPG, Omega Labyrinth Z. D3 Publisher has